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We have made it easy for you to obtain finance for your motorbike loan.

Bike finance Calculators

We have two finance options available to you when purchasing a motorbike: Secured motorbike finance and unsecured motorbike finance.

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Secured bike finance is available to people who own their home or other assets which can be used as collateral against the bike finance.

There are a number of advantages with secured bike finance including flexible terms, lower interest rates and lower repayments.

Unsecured bike finance is available for non-homeowners or people who don’t want to pledge any assets as collateral against their bike finance. These finance loans are usually for small amounts and attract higher interest rates and high repayments. We have bike finance solutions for used and new bikes. In addition you can purchase your bike from a dealer or private sale.

Free Loan Assessment

Bike Buying Guide

  • By obtaining finance before you find your bike will give you cash in hand bargaining power to negotiate the best deal on the purchase price of your motorbike.
  • Research the market and check how much bike like the one you want are currently selling for.

Bike Finance allows you to apply for motorbike finance through banks and even online. We offer you a faster and conveniently online application, which will give you pre-approval. To apply, simply completing our free bike loan assessment.

Bike Finance

Free bike finance loan assessment.

  • Get an answer within 10 minutes of applying *
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Borrow for a new or used motorbike
  • Dealer and Private sales
  • No monthly fees*
  • Pay extra without penalty
  • Loan terms up to 5 years
  • Fixed rates, so your repayments won't increase
  • Straightforward, professional service

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Looking to get a new bike? Get your bike finance organised today.

Get on your bike in business with a low doc bike loan

Low doc bike loans are a must for smart business people with financial savvy. After all, what business couldn’t benefit from:

  • Minimal operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Pennywise registration
  • Free parking
  • Expedited travel

So many financial benefits to be had. So it doesn’t make sense that finance should hold you back, does it. Yet if you have incomplete or private business financials obtaining a loan for your bike can be tough. But low doc bike loans zoom over such speed bumps with ease.

What is a low doc bike loan

Traditional lending criteria places rigorous income verification demands upon borrowers. Like the requirement to produce two years’ worth of:

  • Personal tax returns
  • Business financials
  • Company or partnership returns

But what about the borrowers who have incomplete financials? Or do not wish to divulge private business financial information? Why should they be penalised by having bike loans placed out of their reach? Fortunately many modern lenders believe that there should be no such penalty. Low doc bike loans are a result of this forward-thinking lending appetite. Offering an easy borrowing alternative to any ABN registered:

  • Self employed business person
  • Fledgling business
  • Complexly structured venture

Low doc lenders recognise that incomplete or private financials do not necessarily make a high risk borrower. So you could be on your bike with a premium loan solution minus:

  • Comprehensive income verification
  • Exhaustive paper work
  • Eroded business capital

What benefits are driven by your low doc bike loan?

So low doc bike loans offer a great option for a niche pocket of borrowers. But finance to purchase your bike is not the only benefit offered by low doc loans. You’ll also enjoy an easy ride with:

  • Instant cash to purchase the bike of your choice without significant upfront capital outlay
  • Liquidated business cash flow to invest in other areas of your business
  • Flexible low doc bike loan repayments matched to your unique business and circumstances
  • Competitive interest rates offering fixed cost certainty for the duration of your low doc bike loan

What is more, your low doc loan and your desired bike could be yours much sooner than you think. Award winning Australian finance brokers Natloans offer a simple online application and approval process. So you can turn the key to your pennywise bike purchase within 10 minutes. Fuel your low doc bike loan solution with Natloans’ expertise, quality lender networks and individualised service.

Poor Credit Motor Bike Loans – A Bike Without Credit Enquiries

You want to escape all those expenditures you have to make on public transportation or for variety of individual reasons you need to buy a motor bike.

A motor bike however demands huger amount of funds, making a loan inevitable. But your poor credit poses a hurdle when you approach a lender. Well, there are lenders who cater to poor credit people for providing poor credit motor bike loans.

Poor credit means your credit score on FICO is below 580 on a scale of 300 to 850. But in availing poor credit motor bike loans, your poor credit will not be of many risks to the lenders if you offer any of your property like home or any valuable property as collateral. not only that you can borrow greater amount and avail it at comparatively lower interest rate.

There is larger repayment duration also attached with poor credit motor bike loans. This means while you ride motor bike, the loan is not a burden as lower interest rate and larger repayment duration reduces monthly payments for instalments. Make an online bike finance application today

If smaller loan is the need, as you are buying motor bike with larger cash. Then unsecured poor credit motor bike loans option is the best suited as its risk free for the borrower. In the absence of collateral, however smaller amount will be offered at higher interest rate and repayment duration is kept shorter. Calculate bike finance.

Compare different poor credit motor bike loans for comparatively lower interest rate. Income, employment and bank statement documents are required from the borrower for convincing about repaying capability of the poor credit borrower. So keep these documents ready before approaching a lender.

Make sure that you buy motor bike from a reliable dealer for quality bike. Pay off the loan in timely manner as this way you can avoid falling debt and also your credit score will move higher. Apply for bike finance today.

Bike Loans – Loans For Buying a Bike

To own a bike may be a dream of many of you especially youngsters. You may be suppressing your wish of owing a bike because of lack of enough money to go for a bike.

But things are easier than you think as you can avail a bike with your stringent budget. Only thing you have to do is to avail a bike loan and realise your bike plans. As the name suggests this is specially designed finance to suit for bike purchase. Apply for bike finance today.

Knowing the price of the bike in advance will help you while you are taking up a bike loan. As that will help you pick a loan that matches your need. Bike loans can be used for availing new bike or used bike. You should calculate your bike finance.

Borrowers considering his need and financial condition can opt for a secured or unsecured bike loans. In the secured bike loan, borrower has to place some valuable asset against the loan. In the case of secured bike loans borrower gets the benefit of larger amount and lower interest rate. This is because your lender has your collateral as guarantee for his loan.

In the case of unsecured loans you need not have to pledge any property as collateral. Therefore, unsecured loan amount is decided on the basis of credit history of the borrower and his repayment capability. Unsecured bike loans option is the best suited for the borrower’s who don’t possess or don’t want to place their collateral against the loaned amount.

Bike loans are the loans which accept all forms of credit that is you are qualified for the loan irrespective of the status of your credit. Borrowers with imperfect credit like CCJ’s, IVA, arrear, defaulters, and bankruptcy can also obtain bike loans with competent interest rate and terms.

While looking for a bike loan the borrower should educate himself about the different types of loans and its advantages and disadvantages so that you can pick the right loan for you. Since there are many lenders in the market offering bike loans you get lot of options to choose from.

Availing a bike loan through online is considered an easier and cheaper method to deal with the loan as while sitting at home borrower can avail the bike loans i.e. without rushing to the lenders.

Bike loans help the borrower to buy his dream bike at reasonable rates and easy repayment option without affecting the monthly expenses and income.

Motorbike Finance

To ride your dream motorbike, if you feel you don’t have sufficient money to avail the bike then you should opt for motorbike finance Australia.

Motorbike finance Australia helps daily commuter to avail easy finance option to buy new or used motor bike.

Motorbike finance Australia can be categorised as secured or unsecured

If the borrower has selected the motorbike of larger amount then he opts for secured loan.

Secured Motor Bike Finance

The secured motorbike finance is that which requires collateral against the loan amount. Collateral can be borrower’s new bike, home, valuable documents etc. In secured motor bike finance, borrower enjoys low interest rate, large amount and the flexible repayment terms. Borrower opts for secured loans when he is buying high priced bike at the lower down payment.

Unsecured Motor Bike Finance

Contrary to secured loans, in unsecured bike loan borrower is eligible for the smaller amount. Therefore, unsecured motorbike finance Australia option is the best suited for the borrower’s who don’t possess or don’t want to place their collateral against the loaned amount. In the unsecured bike loan, borrower’s income, employment, and bank account are considered by the lender while offering the loan.

Borrowers like CCJ’s, IVA, arrear, defaulters, bankruptcy, etc. can avail the motorbike finance if they possess the ability to repay the loan amount with the desired interest rate as higher interest rate is charged to them .

While opting for the motorbike finance Australia, borrower must educate himself before stepping in loan market as loan market is flooded away with the lenders who are offering the motorbike finance. Borrower can avail the motorbike finance Australia from various modes like prominent banks, financial institutions, online lenders etc.

Availing a motorbike finance Australia through online is considered an easier and cheaper method to deal with the loan as while sitting at home borrower can avail the motorbike finance i.e. without rushing to the lenders.

Today, motor finance Australia has made easy buying options for financing the new or used motorbike.

Motorcycle insurance

Now that you have purchased that dream motorcycle it’s time to make sure that you have bike insurance in place.

Bike insurance will give you peace of mind in the event you have an accident or your bike is damaged.

There are many different insurance products to choose from when considering bike insurance:

  • Full complete bike insurance
  • Third party fire and burglary insurance
  • 3rd party insurance
  • Inadequacy insurance
  • Loan protection insurance
  • Cash benefit insurance
  • Extended warranty insurance

Find out more about bike insurance.

Ride your way with an unsecured bike loan

It makes financial sense to own a bike. Lower fuel costs and smaller registration fees mean more cash in your pocket. But the financial incentives are just the start. You can also enjoy the freedom and endless possibilities only a bike can offer. So if you are trying to cut costs or are keen to step up the pace a little, it’s likely time to find your new ride.

Your bike is an extension of you and therefore needs to fit you perfectly. You are now faced with some big decisions. Like what bike best suits you? Are you more of a cruiser riding the highways, wind on your face and carefree. Or are you more suited to the roar of a race bike, leaving the traffic behind and you a little breathless. Just as important is your decision about how you will finance your bike. Don’t let a restrictive bike loan crash your dream. An unsecured bike loan from a reputable lender can get you riding sooner.

Shift into gear with an unsecured bike loan

If you are keen to keep with the theme of free and unrestrictive bike ownership, an unsecured bike loan will suit you. An unsecured loan allows you to access bike finance without surrendering your assets as security. So the bike is yours from the moment of purchase. You are also not limited on your bike selection. Whether you are in the market for a new or used motorbike or interested in buying from a private seller, you are still able to secure finance. Just like a personal loan, an unsecured bike loan provides you with fantastic flexibility.

Shifting to your new ride will be even smoother with these additional unsecured bike loan advantages:

  • Flexible loan terms up to 5 years
  • Fixed interest rates and repayments to eliminate budget surprises
  • Direct debit repayment options
  • No penalties for extra payments
  • No monthly fees.

As the lender will not hold any security against the loan, the interest rate will be slightly higher than that of a secured bike loan.

Experts to help you get on your bike

An unsecured bike loan from a trusted lender will get you on your bike and saving sooner. Take the hassle out of arranging finance by enlisting the help of bike loan specialists, Natloans. With access to hundreds of loan products they will ensure you are matched with the right loan term for your unique situation. So you ride your way.

Get safely on your bike this summer with pristine insurance protection

Every motorbike enthusiast knows that unmatched feeling of taking your first ride for the summer. Enjoying the sun bathed view and freedom of the open road.  Feel that easy manoeuvrability of your bike as you glide around corners or navigate winding stretches? You can enjoy the same ease in protecting yourself and your ride against the unexpected. After all, with the pleasures of motor biking comes an element of risk. But with the right motorbike insurance spinning your wheels you can rest and ride easy.

Bike insurance gets you motoring minus risk

You wouldn’t get on your motorbike without wearing a helmet. So you shouldn’t own a motorbike without having proper insurance cover in place. Both these safety features are a crucial part of riding responsibly. After all if your motorbike sustains or causes damage you could find yourself on the financial skids.  Not to mention coping with numerous other considerations like your physical wellbeing or being without a vehicle. Even potentially being unable to work for a time. That’s why Natloans ensures you can enjoy peace of mind that you, your loved ones and finances are protected. No matter what form of unexpected lies around the next corner.

Motorbike insurance covers you against all contingencies. With flexibility enough to suit your budget, needs and lifestyle. Choose from:

Enjoy safe summer riding with custom fitted bike insurance

You and your bike are a unique combo. So how do you make sure your bike insurance is made to match? The swiftest and safest way to source custom bike insurance is through experienced brokers like Natloans. This award winning team don’t just slap ‘cookie cutter’ insurance solutions on your bike.  Instead they spend time understanding your individual biking and lifestyle needs. Then source your best fit bike insurance solution from their networks of top Australian insurers. So you can rest assured your insurance has all bases covered. Without having you bear additional costs for unnecessary cover.
Speak to Natloans today for the good oil in bike insurance.

Secure your ride with a second chance bike loan

Bad credit can be a real handbrake. Making it almost impossible for you to realise your motorbike ownership goals. Risk adverse lenders simply do not want to provide you with the finance backing you need to acquire your bike. Yet you are making all the right financial moves by looking to embrace motorbike travel. After all, your new bike will earn you significant savings in:

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Running costs
  • Parking

So before you allow your bike ownership dream to stall, check out second chance finance. Right here lies a great opportunity for you to gain quality bike finance from quality lenders. That means you can enjoy the thrill of your new bike with no upfront cash outlay. Not to mention the instant savings motorbike travel affords. Right alongside affordable bike loan repayments that fit effortlessly with your lifestyle and budget. That is a second chance alright.

Second chance bike loans rev up your new start

Many Australians fall on tough times at some stage in their lives. Perhaps you have been declared bankrupt or fallen into the trap of defaulting on loan repayments. Or maybe you are recently arrived in Australia and keen to see your new homeland from motorbike saddle. Whatever the reason for your poor credit rating, your new motorbike is still within reach. Because the right second chance finance broker can secure you the best bike loan solution. One that protects your finances, reputation and lifestyle.

Our second chance bike finance solutions are fuelled by:

  • Nationwide network of quality assured second chance bike lenders
  • Access to Australia’s best interest rates to minimise your outgoings
  • Specialist scrutiny of your second chance car finance to eliminate hidden fees and charges
  • Easy online second chance bike loan application and approval process

Get on the road to credit recovery with second chance bike finance

You don’t want to be a slave to bad credit forever. So second chance bike finance presents a windfall in more ways than one. While you are enjoying the financial savings and convenience of your new bike you can also rebuild your creditworthiness. Because Natloans pairs you only with second chance bike finance that fits your commitments. So you know from the outset:

  • When your repayments fall;
  • How much these repayments will be; and
  • Importantly that you can afford to make them.

As you uphold your second chance bike finance commitments lender confidence in your creditworthiness grows. So speak to Natloans today and get on the road to financial recovery by bike.