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We have made it easy for you to obtain finance for your motorbike loan.

Bike finance Calculators

We have two finance options available to you when purchasing a motorbike: Secured motorbike finance and unsecured motorbike finance.

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Secured bike finance is available to people who own their home or other assets which can be used as collateral against the bike finance.

There are a number of advantages with secured bike finance including flexible terms, lower interest rates and lower repayments.

Unsecured bike finance is available for non-homeowners or people who don’t want to pledge any assets as collateral against their bike finance. These finance loans are usually for small amounts and attract higher interest rates and high repayments. We have bike finance solutions for used and new bikes. In addition you can purchase your bike from a dealer or private sale.

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Bike Buying Guide

  • By obtaining finance before you find your bike will give you cash in hand bargaining power to negotiate the best deal on the purchase price of your motorbike.
  • Research the market and check how much bike like the one you want are currently selling for.

Bike Finance allows you to apply for motorbike finance through banks and even online. We offer you a faster and conveniently online application, which will give you pre-approval. To apply, simply completing our free bike loan assessment.

Bike Finance

Free bike finance loan assessment.

  • Get an answer within 10 minutes of applying *
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Borrow for a new or used motorbike
  • Dealer and Private sales
  • No monthly fees*
  • Pay extra without penalty
  • Loan terms up to 5 years
  • Fixed rates, so your repayments won't increase
  • Straightforward, professional service

Motorbike insurance

Now you have your bike you need to have it insured. There are many different bike insurance options that are available to you, including:

  • Full comprehensive bike insurance – protects you completely! You have no worries for loss, damage or accidental damage
  • Third party fire and theft insurance – adds peace of mind that in the event your bike is vandalised, stolen or damage by fire
  • Third party insurance – mandatory insurance which protects someone and their property as a result of an accident
  • Shortfall insurance – in the event your bike is written off shortfall insurance fills the gap between the amount you owe on the finance company and value of the bike.
  • Loan protection  insurance – helps you make repayments in the event you are sick, become unemployed or pass away
  • Cash benefit insurance – is like shortfall insurance but used on bikes that don’t have finance on them
  • Extended warranty insurance – covers mechanical breakdown

If you have any questions regarding motorbike insurance or would like an bike insurance quote call natloans on 1300 955 791.